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Branded Eftpos &
Visa Gift Cards

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Give customers, staff and clients the freedom to spend with a pre-paid gift card!

Drive sales, increase loyalty or simply say thanks with our pre-paid gift card that is customised to your brand and compliment a variety of business needs.

Edge can manage your gift card program every step of the way, from claim management and fulfillment to client reporting. If you’re ready to distribute your gift cards, we can bulk issue them into your hands fully loaded and ready to go. Or, if you’d prefer to self-manage, we can provide you with the cards and access to our self-loading portal ULOAD.


  • Bulk delivery at competitive corporate rates
  • Choice of fully branded or ready to go designs
  • Load with any value
  • Physical and digital products
  • Fast setup and turnarounds
  • Web and customer service support
  • Advanced reporting

Card types

Eftpos Gift Cards (physical)

Eftpos gift cards are physical gift cards that can be redeemed in-store anywhere that eftpos is accepted in Australia. You can even choose to restrict card redemption to a specific point of sale.

Visa Gift Cards (physical)

Visa physical gift cards can be redeemed in-store and online anywhere that accepts Visa in Australia.

Virtual Visa Gift Cards

Virtual Visa gift cards are issued digitally and can be redeemed online anywhere that accepts Visa. Speedy, simple and secure, Virtual Visa eliminates the risk and costs of physical inventory and postage.

How we build a program

1. Consultation

• Product
• Mechanics
• Pricing

2. Build

• Card design
• Product
• Card loading
• Fulfilment management

3. Support

• Account Management
• Customer Support
• Claim management
• Reporting

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