Over redemption and prize brokerage


As part of Edge’s end-to-end service, we specialise in financial risk mitigation, prize insurance and compliance, which protects your budget and your reputation, so you can run promotions that you might have once thought impossible.

Promotional Insurance

By drawing on our years of experience in ‘Promotional Insurance’, Edge forecast and protect promotional budgets against higher than anticipated redemptions, empowering brands to think big when designing their incentive driven promotions.

We also specialise in ‘Prize Insurance’, which removes any financial concerns surrounding mega prize headlines like “WIN $1mil”. Together with you, we design a maximum impact competition supported by ‘Prize Insurance’ and hope the big prize is won!

Whichever the promotional insurance model, by dealing directly with our insurance underwriters, Lloyds of London, we provide 100% protection, with a proud history of always paying out every claim or prize.

  • Prize insurance
  • Promotional insurance
  • Odds based (Envelope Picks, Predictors, Tipping)
  • Gift with purchase (claim based gift)
  • Skill based (Kick for cash, Putt for a Million, Hole in one)
  • Rebates (Try me free, Money back guarantee, Satisfaction guarantee, Cash back, Repeat purchase)
  • Instant win (Scratch & win)

Promotional Compliance

Any successful promotion or competition needs to be compliant with varying laws dependent on the state and region. Often requiring a highly-experienced and technically sound understanding, you can feel confident in leaving this job to us, so you can focus on the big picture.

Permit Application
Artwork Review
Prize Draws
Winner Communication