SodaStream Rewards Program


After extensive qualitative and quantitative market research, SodaStream discovered that amongst the SodaStream community, advocacy was a powerful tool in new customer acquisition. To tap into this finding, SodaStream embarked on a mission to find a tool that could deepen their relationship with their existing customers, reward them for their ongoing loyalty and foster positive brand advocacy.


SodaStream found Lifestyle Rewards. Together they created the SodaStream+ App, designed to reward loyalty with gifts, offers, vouchers, recipes, tips and hints, product news, exclusive information, and more. Once the App was tested and launched, SodaStream communicated its availability to existing customers via neck tags on refill cylinders, and to new customers through inserts in Drinks Makers. The call to action was to download the App, register and for those who did, they would receive a free SodaStream gift.


The App is still in its early stages, but already there is a strong number of people registered and who have received their gifts. The App provides a quick and effective way to communicate with an engaged and loyal customer base and update them via push notifications and alerts. Additionally, the back end of the App provides customer based information on demographics, geography, usage frequency and more.

“We found the Lifestyle Rewards team to be highly professional, responsive, approachable and the ideal partner for our initiative. We highly recommend them for any company looking to conceptualise, create, build and execute a premium Rewards Program” – Laura W, Marketing Director - SodaStream


  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Drive Sales


  • Loyalty Program