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Six Sizzling Summer Promotional Solutions

Rebecca Factor & Calista Vantarakis
Marketing & Communication Managers
Dream team and Marketing Power Duo are often thrown around the office when referring to theses two. Rebecca (Marketing Manager) and Calista (Communications Manager), complement each other in a way that JUST works, like popcorn and Maltesers. With BA's in Marketing up each of their sleeves and a real passion for thinking creatively and strategically, you'll find these two always on the lookout for the next industry trends and groundbreaking promotions.

 Promotions that make the most of summer themes become red hot for brands over the warmer months.  

To help spark inspiration for your next summer promotion, we’ve rounded up six promotions that celebrate Aussie summer and offer a fun flare to incentivise consumer participation.

Celebrate summer lifestyle using iconic creative and prizes

1. Coca-Cola is a brand that epitomises the essence of summer fun in the sun. Their annual summer themed promotions keep the beverage brand connected to a lifestyle full of memorable summer experiences. Coca-Cola’s ‘epic summer’ promotion tapped into the events that make summer fun by offering consumers the chance to win experiences at summer music festivals, theme parks, adventure holidays and outdoor cinemas.  

2. Another iconic promotion with an equally epic prize was the ‘1 in 50 chance to win $1M’. Coca-Cola and promotional partner Hoyts experienced spikes in sales and app downloads and the prize winner received a $20K consolation prize.  Summer lifestyle themed prizes are a great way to drive engagement at a specific time in the promotional calendar even when the brand or product doesn’t have an obvious tie with the summer season.

3. Clothing brand Bonds promotion is a great example. They leveraged an iconic summer themed promotion by giving customers the chance to win their own holiday camper valued at $29,950. Afterall summer is all about beach and road trips.

Sun promotions that don't burn your skin

A weather triggered promotion is another way to build excitement and fun for consumers.

4. Grilld’s ‘meatwave’ promotion is not only ‘pun-worthy’, it’s a free-gift promotion that uses a unique campaign to leverage Australia’s fascination with extreme summer weather events.

The flipside here is to style a promotion to literally help consumers stay cool.

5. Harvey Norman and Fujitsu’s Cool Cash Bonus is a campaign Edge designed to encourage product sales in summer. With a $100 - $200 cash back on eligible products, it provided a strong play for consumers desperate to cool down as the mercury increased outside.

Cool consumer content promotions

6. Promotions that tie in a summer theme can work for almost any brand or product, but especially for the sunscreen brand Sun Sense.  Sun Sense’s Instagram promotion which offers a prize pack reward to winning followers who share their own sun smart image is a creative way to engage their social audiences. The user generated component also provides a strong hook for consumer buy-in.

Edge can help you create an iconic and memorable summer promotion, which drives engagement at the specific seasonal period whilst communicating an emotional benefit or story for the consumer.