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How rewards help improve employee experience

Rebecca Factor & Calista Vantarakis
Marketing & Communication Managers
Dream team and Marketing Power Duo are often thrown around the office when referring to theses two. Rebecca (Marketing Manager) and Calista (Communications Manager), complement each other in a way that JUST works, like popcorn and Maltesers. With BA's in Marketing up each of their sleeves and a real passion for thinking creatively and strategically, you'll find these two always on the lookout for the next industry trends and groundbreaking promotions.

How rewards help improve employee experience

Positive workplace cultures are places where the people within feel valued, recognised and engaged to strive to bring the best they can. Good culture is important in helping attract and retain top talent; essential to maintaining a competitive edge and strong business performance.

Employee experience matters

Businesses that proactively create moments of celebration, achievement and recognition are one step ahead when it comes to motivating employees.

When they interconnect regular recognition and reward programs that celebrate individual efforts, positive experience is always the outcome.

Rewards that recognise input

As people are wired to seek out rewards, when employees see their efforts being recognised and rewarded, it fosters a positive culture of gratitude. How the gratitude is expressed is where unique rewards solutions come into play.

Rewards that speak to a gratitude theme could involve a dining gift card or spa gift card, which give employees a memorable experience for achieving workplace goals or aspirations.

Getting personal through rewards

People are unique with diverse preferences. An employee experience that recognises and celebrates individuals for their individual efforts and offers bespoke rewards can rate high with employees.

Lifestyle Rewards provide a personal experience and are designed to support varying personal preference. They offer the employee the opportunity to access diverse and personal rewards, while fostering ongoing employee engagement.

Regular rewards help retain talent

Recognition and rewards at regular intervals is a great motivator and incentive for achieving ongoing work milestones. It can also do a lot to improve employee wellbeing and engagement, adding to an improved experience.

Movie tickets are a great reward solutions to celebrate the mini-milestones . They are are simple to administer and….

Timing corporate gifts around annual milestones such as corporate gifting in the festive season is equally important. Rewards like branded Eftpos and Visa gift cards, can build strong connections with employees and momentum for the year ahead. They give your employees the freedom to spend, often helping out with those grudge purchases such as groceries and petrol.

Rewards build loyalty

Regular employee reward recognition programs provide the mechanism to incentivise and meaningfully celebrate an employee’s value to a business.

When employee efforts are celebrated the whole business benefits.

Edge Pri offers an unparalleled range of reward solutions which are quick, easy and impactful. Contact us if you’re looking for solutions that add value and improve employee experience.