Edge's Future

Rebecca Factor & Calista Vantarakis
Marketing & Communication Managers
Dream team and Marketing Power Duo are often thrown around the office when referring to theses two. Rebecca (Marketing Manager) and Calista (Communications Manager), complement each other in a way that JUST works, like popcorn and Maltesers. With BA's in Marketing up each of their sleeves and a real passion for thinking creatively and strategically, you'll find these two always on the lookout for the next industry trends and groundbreaking promotions.

Meet Fergus Koochew, Edge's CEO. We catch-up with Ferg and talk all things important, from what 2019 looks like for Edge's future to what he got up to over the summer break.


Edge: How long have you been working at Edge for?

Fergus: About 8 years


Edge: In one sentence, what does your role involve:

Fergus: Making strategic decisions that best position Edge to deliver maximum value for our clients, our staff and our shareholder, Village Roadshow Limited.


Edge: Looking back, what was your favourite promotion Edge created last year and why?

Fergus: I was incredibly proud to be involved with Harvey Norman’s Home Appliance catalogue wine promotion. This was the third year we have supported Harvey Norman with this promotion. And every year we refine it! The promotion had enormous cut through, and brought together much of what Edge does best; a customised POS promotional platform, reward sourcing and issuance, client management, customer service, reporting and most importantly, shared learnings about how to continue to improve our clients ROI.


Edge: Now looking into the future, what are you most excited about in the promotional space for 2019?

Fergus: The Pays! Edge will be first to market with a digital Mastercard that is compatible with Android and Apple mobile wallets. The ‘tap and pay’ and online payment capability will create an even more seamless, branded reward delivery experience for our clients and their customers.


Edge: Reflecting back on when you entered the promotional industry and up until to today, how has Edge and the market evolved?

Fergus: Enormously! When I started, 90% of our work involved mailing plastic pre-paid eftpos Gift Cards. Today we lead the market in providing a sophisticated suite of customer acquisition and retention programs, with access to cutting edge promotional and loyalty platforms, a selection of over 750 digital rewards, and flexible over redemption insurance and prize brokerage coverage.  Whilst we still provide basic reward services to hundreds of corporate clients across Australia, including eftpos cards; our consultancy division partners closely with leading brands and retailers to understand their customer acquisition and retention needs and help map out a 12 month calendar of activity.


Five Short Fire Questions:

1. Three words that summarised your summer break: Beach. Family. Friends.

2. Last photo taken on your phone was: My daughters at the beach :)

3. Would you rather surf or play beach cricket? If only I was a decent surfer…. Beach cricket

4. What are you currently reading? Heads you Win by Jeffery Archer. Recommend it!

5. Your go to Summer meal: Corn chips, my wife’s home-made guacamole and a cold beer.